Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stubborn donkey

I felt like I am totally a pig when I came back to my sweet home.
Today, again I slept until 1pm.
Oh my God!
Unbelievable when I woke up and saw the time..
is really terrible~~

After that I go out with father to banking in my rental and streamxy fees to my house-mate.
don't know why there have a long queue in front of the machine.
I guess is salary come out already,
then all of them same as me, want to banking money to clear their liabilities.
There have three machine inside the bank, two machine is for cash deposit
and another one is for check deposit.

After i go inside, only I know that the queue is because of the machine problem.
And also the Malay woman's problem.
Because the machine are quite "high" quality, since it only receive the new “paper money",
it will "refused" the old one. Hence, it make a lot of "convenient" to customer.
Next, the woman, she stand in front of the machine keep on trying, the money reject by machine again and again.
That's fine~
After that, got one man felt impatient,
so he ask the woman whether want change money with her not,
but the woman just ignore him.
Use one word to describe her altitude-STUBBORN!
At the end, she felt embarrassed, and finally exchange money with the guy with unreconciled. Such a rude person!

Sometimes, if we don't want to accept people's advice, it will only make yourself in trouble. This was the proved. So, next time I will learn to accept opinion from others. ^^


SHeLYN said...

we should learn to accept ppl's opinion...
not only think that we r always right...
but i think u did do tat...
lets improve... (:

美婷 said...


Tomolo i wil be bc agn to my sweet sweet home. So happy..

Qing Qing, miz u badly here...I am so lonely sleeping inside room without u...hahaha


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