Sunday, December 26, 2010

My first step

"Interview Invitation: You have 1 interview request from ..., please check your email."
I was surprised that I received the message from company.
Ya, unbelievable that I can get an interview for internship within fews days.
Am I lucky?
Maybe, I think.

Thank God for gives me an opportunity.
And also the company for gave me a change to interview.
and one more important was one of my friend who teach me the way of find an internship job.

Since there was only a short listed people that will ask for interview,
and there was only 2 vacancies for internship job.
Hence, I really appreciate on it.
I am happy since I was success in my first step in my internship plan.
But, I was worried also.

I am worried that I cannot achieve the skill that required since the knowledge that I had in that moment was limited.
Anyway,there is no such things as a free lunch,
because nothing is free, everything comes with a string attached.
I need to put more effort to make myself success.
So, prepare well before the coming date was the primary key to success.

"The chance will never come back once you let it go."
Hopefully I can do it!! (^,^)


SHeLYN said...

congrats o lou tai...
u can do it...

牡羊座的我~ said...

Ya, you must help me do revision lo~^^


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