Saturday, December 4, 2010

Miss you Monnie~

Today, finally i know what is the meaning of impermanence of life.

At that moment you felt that everything was good, felt the word are good,
felt happy on everything.

But, you don't know there have such bad thing happen to you in the next moment.

There was a bad news i want to share in this blog.

Last year, if i not mistaken was on July, me and Shelyn was get a hamster from our senior and named it as monnie and shuwey. Monnie is mine, and Shuwey is shelyn's.

Monnie is older brother, and Shuwey was elder brother because monnie always bullied shuwey at that time.

Long time they didn't meet already because I take monnie go back hometown since last two sem.

Now, they cant meet already, because monnie was died.
He died because he is old.
As you all know, hamster only can spend maximum two year for their life.

Felt surprise when i didn't saw monnie at table when i reach home today.
My dad told me monnie was died on Monday.
They worried me will felt sad, so didn't tell me at that time.

Monnie, although he is gone, but i will remember him.

He was cute, cool and naughty.

He always like to put many food in his mouth
and then put it out and hide it inside the sawdust.

He like to lying on the "wheel" to enjoy his favorite food.

He don't like people touch his fur,
every time you touch his fur, he will resist.

That's was my pets, Monnie.

the first day monnie with me~he was still small at that time~

after three month~

His pose while sleeping ~ Pose 1

Pose 2~


SHeLYN said...

yaya...its rili sad when i heard moonie died...
i thk shuwey feel de same way too...
miss u owez moonie...

Zidane said...

I got this experience kinda feel sad when your favorite pets was gone :'(...anyway have to accept the fact too. They go to the heaven-

牡羊座的我~ said...

jia, we miss monnie together~
felt regret that I didn't take much photo with monnie...
and the family photo also dun hav monnie~:(

牡羊座的我~ said...

zidane, ya, although is sad, but i also need to accept the fact...
but as u said, he go to heaven, he will be fine at there.God bless him~

美婷 said...

Until now, i noe maximum life for hamster just two years. Indeed a short life. I really nid to learn to appreciate more on all de things besides me.

Such unpredictable and sad news. Crystal, dun feel too sad. Hope u r fine ter.


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