Friday, December 31, 2010


2010, passed me by already.
2010, there have a lot of thing happened during 2010,
failure, sad, wondered, negative thinking, negative altitude..
all those negative things was mess up my life.
However, there also have something that give me a sweet memory.
Anyway, all those things had happened and it left a memory to me.
But, I think that's good enough for me to just keep the good memory~
In this new year,
Didn't date with friend to countdown together.
Without fireworks, without hurray, without any celebration...
However, I felt happy because I can stayed at home with my family.
Due to the reason that I need to go back to university after two days,
so, I really appreciate the time I spend with my family.
Although I only watch movie with them together.
what's motivate me in new year?
It turned into a good question.
A new year,
A new start,
A new chapter,
A new beginning.
We need to forget the BAD;
Cherish the GOOD.

In my mind, I only hope..
to taking care of them, to give them a promise,
Once a day, I believe I can achieve my commitment to them~^^


美婷 said...

U r right, the moment gathering wif families is so precious even dun have any coutdown, firework accompany.

My roomate:
I send my wish here to u:
Have a new start on 2011. Even sometimes we fail but most important we learn and not lost our self after failure^^

牡羊座的我~ said...

ting, learning was the most important part to help us stand up again from failure.I will do it.thanks for ur wish..

咖啡 said...

All the best in 2011.. Happy New Year ya...

SHeLYN said...

happy new year 2011 lou tai...
family is the best part of our life...
miss them too...


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