Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Joy and happy moment

Long time I didn't go to Pavilion shopping with him due to we both also busy in work and study,
So, after settle my interview,
we take an opportunity to hang out together. :)
I found there have change a lot in Kuala Lumpur.
What surprised me was there have a lot of shop around the area of Pavilion.
It can be consider as a shopping street!
Is really excited me!

Fahrenheit, a new building next to Starhill.
I miss the chance to shop over there before, because I at Uni during the sales time. :(
This time, again I miss the chance since not enough budget~
all because my uni's HEP was delay banking to us.
We've go to Pavilion, Sungai Wang, Lot 10, Fahrenheit,
since the new year is coming, I saw there have a lot decoration in each shopping center.
However, the most beautiful decoration was stated in Pavilion.
There have 4 drums in front of the main entrance,
every people can try to beat drum to pray for health, wealth, and so on.
So, you can hear the sound of drum everywhere you at pavilion.
After walk around, we went to watch movie-"Season in the Witch".
This was really nice movie, which talk about demon and witch.

Let's beat the drum to pray for my FYP get a good result~

Happy "Rabbit" Year!

Mak and Crystal

While waiting food~photo time~

Lunch time at Weissbrau at Pavilion

I love this one!

The new shop at Pavilion~Bat Man~

Green color "Pan Men"~

I am inside the frame :)

Run out from frame~XP


咖啡 said...

i like ur lunch which hv 4 hotdogs there..

牡羊座的我~ said...

cafe-ton, you can try it at pavilion a, there still have super large hotdog leh, you can try it~but a bit expensive la..

Alonso Yoong said...

the green color noodle attract my vision haha...

牡羊座的我~ said...

fatt, that one at Garden de, is really special noodle~go and try~^^


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