Thursday, January 20, 2011

2D1N trip-Malacca (Part I)

15th and 16th Jan, I had a enjoy and happy Malacca trip with my housemate.
(Sun, Yuan, Jia, Sam, Ting, Wen, Chong, and me)

That trip gave me a memorable and sweet memory since this was the first time we had a trip together.
Thanks to Mee sun
since she was the person who suggested us to have a family trip before we graduate.
and Thanks to all of them too~ (",)

Let's explore what we had experience in 2D1N trip at Malacca!

Our Breakfast at BP

Finish eat and photo time~

On the way~Nice shoot~

Take a rest and photo time again~

Reach our destination! yeah~

The first thing we do~have a lunch 1st! ~hungry~ "Pai Gu Mian"

Again photo time~==!!

At "Hong Wu"-automatic we stand and pose~haha~

At Bukit St Paul

"Qian Cheng Gao" original -RM8.50

Durian Puff-RM12/12pc

1st time try to eat "Cou Dou Fu" =.=

"Bing Tang Hu Lou" -chocolate flavour~

"Bing Tang Hu Lou" -original flavour~

Enjoy ourself ==!
(Taming Sari under maintenance)

------------------------------To be continued------------------------------


Ban Leong said...

U girls really have lots of fun oh! Hahaahah..i also want XD

牡羊座的我~ said...

haha, ban leong, you can organised a trip for your house also a~^^

咖啡 said...

nxt tm do a trip for our bidor gang ya.

Alonso Yoong said...

agree to kian hong! u in-charge for the trip for all of us ya!

牡羊座的我~ said...

haha~ok lo..any suggestion?where you all want go?

Alonso Yoong said...

anywhere.. budget is more than RM3 but less than RM5!

牡羊座的我~ said...

fatt, then we go Salim lo..must be less than rm5~


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