Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another stage for my life

Well, after we all have been survived all those late night study session and final exam,
what's the next step?
Some of us maybe confused what we can do after graduate from university.
For me,
maybe this is the time to see the world in the different way.
Nowadays, is very hard for people to be enjoy in the moment,
people always thinking what I'm going to do next?
you never realize that what's happening right in front of you.
In our life, the most important thing is not just to reach the goal or the destination,
whereas is are you enjoying that moment in front of your life?
That's the most important thing.
Actually it's not necessary about to arriving at a certain goal in life,
the important thing is about what you've learn along the way in the journey
and enriches you as a human being.
always keep your mind about what you see before reach the destination.
Always remember to "smell the roses".
Appreciate what's happening around you but not just focusing on the goals.
Leaving was just another beginning,
we need to learn to go with the flow,
and learn how to be ready for that.
My lovely friend,
One day, we will meet with each other again. :)


Alonso Yoong said...

welcome to another stages... life within 20-30yrs is the most faster period that u will be go through... without your noticed, times flies like undergo roller coaster...

牡羊座的我~ said...

ya..really fast..after graduated from form 6, now is the time to graduate from uni..
time pass so fast..appreciate the time we grow~:)

SHeLYN said...

i love these,
"Leaving was just another beginning,
we need to learn to go with the flow,
and learn how to be ready for that."
life is not only a bunch of effort to be done here and there but abundance of happiness along the way.
(: hope to carry our friendship till everlasting...


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