Monday, November 8, 2010

The only glass temple in Malaysia!

Happy Deepavali!Since now was the Hindu celebrate Depavalli so there have a lot of news that talk about the Deepavali.

I accidentally read a news that talking about a temple which state in Johor Baru. So i write it down and share with all of you.

The Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Temple, have you all heard it before?

The temple was state in Johor Baru and was the first and only glass temple that listed in Malaysian Books of Record.

The temple was start in 1922 as a simple shelter on land presented by Sultan of Johor. 69 years later, when Guru inherit the role as temple chairman after his father retired.
He made a commitment to rebuild it.

In 1996, in spite of difficulties and challenge, the temple was officially reopen.
Nowadays, it was the most beautiful Hindu temple in Johor and it is now recognised as one of the city's tourist attractions.

The Guru points to the old picture on the wall to show the humble hut that once housed the temple deities.
Maybe you all curiously to know why the temple was glass? There have a story behind the temple actually. Guru recounts his experience, he told that one day when he was in Bangkok, he saw a light shining like a diamond, 2km far away. The driver told him that it was a wat(temple).

When he went there, he found that it was the glass artwork at the temple entrance that had caught his eyes. He was amazed that a small glass artwork could be able to capture his attention from a vast distance. This inspired him to use this technique in the Arulmigu Sri Rajakaliamman Temple.

He believes that the temple fully embellished with impressive glass artwork will attract local devotees and visitor from the world over. The reporter stated that when he look around at the crowd of devotees and tourists, he think that Guru has succeeded.

The reporter state when he enter the front entrance of temple, he found that there have 10 gold-finished sculptures close to the ceiling. One of them appears to be lying down and the other crawling, while the one on the far right seems to be reclining too. Upon closer look, these interesting sculptures portray the cycle of life, from birth, youth, adulthood, to old age and death.

On the left wing, reporter see two large panels on the ceiling painted by specially commissioned artists to convey a universal message of social and racial harmony.

In one picture, a cow is next to an Indian girl, a dog is near a Chinese girl while a Malay girls holds a cats in her arms.

The other picture has an Hindu motorcyclist being helped up by a Muslim after he fell of his bike, while a Buddhist is picking up his helmet and a Christian is lifting up the motorcycle.

The centrepiece in the Athma Lingam sanctuary is a lotus for Lord Shiva, on which devotees cana pour rose water and perform their prayers.


SHeLYN said...

interesting post...
we'll go there together visit one day yea...
miss u...

美婷 said...

You have been very patient in explaining the story. I have spent times to read through carefully. Indeed, an extra knowledge for me. I get to know the existence of glass temple.The smart idea has attracted more people to pay a visit. Nice sharing. Keep it up ^^

牡羊座的我~ said...

wa-jiao~ day we must go there have a look..but for visitor, there only open from 12pm to 5pm o if not must arrange time if wish to visit.^^

牡羊座的我~ said...

meeting, thanks for ur patient to read through my blog. This was also an extra knowledge for me. So share it to u all..^^


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