Tuesday, June 16, 2009


i really dun understand why we can argue in 16min?? i just want to share wat i knew, what i thinking in my mind, what i believe.. then he just say he dun believe it..i really sad when i heard it..:-(
i just want to share it..i dun want he help me to analyze wat is true and wat is wrong! seem like i have no ability to jugde whether the thing is true or wrong! i know, he is teaching me..maybe i am the problem,when he start to speak loud, i will notice that he is scolding me.. even my father also didnt speak loud with me..so i not use to it..

i dun like to angry him always..really..i hope i can control my temperature also..but sometime, altitude cannot be change easily.. especially when i face with him..

i know he was try to tolerance with me, he is the person who dun like to quarrel, but i always make him angry..so confuse..maybe next time i need to accept what are he said to me, at least his mentality was more mature than me..
i am not always the right..


SHELYN 嘉嘉 said...

yea...4 a couple 2 hapy 2gether,tolerance is da mos important.every human wil make mistakes n oni advice frm others wil guide u thru.so i thk nt da matter of havin more mature thkin,coz i noe u r a vry tolerable person,own rational thoughts.so u can jz discuss wif him evrythn,nt all human r perfect,note tat,n try hinder bit ur temper yea,cute lady.hoho...(^^,)

美婷 said...

Don't be too sad my sister ^^.

I tin it s jus a misunderstanding. I do not know de whole situation so i can't commend more than tat.

But i reali hope u will calm down n don tin too much about it le.
Stay happy always!! My nice sister.

Alonso Yoong said...

agree with u, human temper quite hardly to b control...

but i still think u not mature enough after viewing ur blog...


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